Four Chickens

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I feed my chickens?

A:  We recommend that you feed starter/grower feed until they are at least 16 weeks old. We have been using Dumors from Tractor Supply. If you only have hens, you can switch to a layer feed. You will also need to pick up some grit. It will need to go into a small separate container and just refill as they eat it. If you have a rooster, we recommend staying on the starter feed and adding some calcium in a small container, just like the grit. You can also get some 5-grain scratch to throw out to them once or twice a day.  Not to much, think of it as a treat. They also enjoy meal worms, fruit, and vegetables.


Q: When will I start to get eggs?

A:  Most hens will start laying at about 20 weeks.  But this may vary by bird.


Q: What about water?

A: We recommend a cover container for water. We use a 5-gallon bucket with nipples on the sides. We change their water every week. When the water is changed, we recommend putting 1 tablespoon on apple cider vinegar with mother for every gallon of water. This will help kill any bacteria. It also encourages the birds to drink more, as they like the taste on the vinegar.


Q: What if one of them gets hurt?

A: They will have to establish a “pecking order”. Don’t be shocked to see one or two of them chasing the others and they may even pull out a few feathers. Always keep some blue kote on hand. It can be picked up at any farm supply store. If you see blood, spray a little on it. That will keep the others from picking at it more.