Busy Busy Busy

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year is extremely busy. For a homestead of any size it is even busier. Its springtime and with that comes a barage of new activities and chores. But its what we live for right. Its no different here at Cockadoodle Farms. We are in the middle of planting our garden. In fact we planted several crops yesterday. Along with gardens its also the time for new babies on the farm. Here that means baby chicks. Now don't get me wrong we raise pullets year around here, but, the springtime with all the new flowers and tree leaves coming back above us makes all the chirping even more magical. We have just added a few new breeds that will be available on June the 3rd and will be adding a few more breeds next week. Now that is the exciting part for me. I love watching the birds develop and discovering what each bird looks like. So even though there is always something that needs fed or watered or fixed; take just a moment and look around you. Take a moment to appreciate God's Glory during this time of year and be thankful to live in a place with such beauty. Even if its just a second or two it makes all the hard work worth more than money

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